That is why many tourists who visit Odessa ask the same question; how to buy an apartment here for them? Warm sea, sandy beaches, the resort atmosphere of the city and the friendly residents and will make you want to come back to Odessa buy a home.
Buying a property in Odessa is very popular among the visitors of our country (about 7 percent of accommodation on main street, Deribasovskaya, is owned by foreign nationals) Why?
1. This is a profitable investment (real estate prices in Ukraine are growing)
2. Owning an apartment in Odessa is a great option for summer beach holidays
3. Business at the time of your departure; you can use the property for rent and receive a pretty decent and stable income.


The owner of an apartment, without intermediaries, is selling a 1-room apartment in the heart of Odessa, 300 meters from Deribasovskaya Street and Odessa City Garden, and 450 meters from the famous Opera House. The apartment is located in a 3-storied building. Major repairs were made in 2011, the apartment is sold with expensive high quality furniture, and buyout is part of the interior design and all appliances.

The cost is $ 55.000

Odessa is an amazing and beautiful city. When you visit it for the first time you will fall in love to it from the beginning until forever.


Address: 9 Elisavetinskaya str
Total area: 30,6 m
Living area:14.9 m


Once again I want to note that the apartment is sold directly by the owner, which saves you from having to pay for the work of intermediaries, real estate agencies. This provides a substantial savings because the cost of services from such agencies is 5-7 percent of the property value.

The apartment consists of a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and balcony. You can see the appearance of the apartment from the photos. If you are in Odessa, please contact us and we will arrange a viewing.

The apartment is located in the historic city, Elisavetinskaya str Street, two block from Deribasovskaya Street. For easier orientation the house is marked on a map and contains photos from the satellite.

Frequently asked questions relating to the purchase of real estate and apartments in Odessa for foreign nationals.

What documents are needed for the purchase of apartments?

1. Documents certifying your identity. Passport or a foreign passport. Certify the identity of foreigners on the passport (they check for a valid visa and a notice about the intersection of the borders of Ukraine)
2. Identification Number (original)
Any foreigner who wants to fully live, work and do business in Ukraine must obtain an identification number (tax payer). It is issued by the district tax office in the residence. Law firms can do it in 2-3 days. Cost of services is about $50

What size monthly payment for communal services?

On average, all utilities (water, sewerage, heating) costs in the amount of 40-70 dollars a month. (Amount depends on the flat area, district and some other moments and the calculated in the communal enterprises)

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